Services, Plans and Pricing

If you are ready to change your life, break unhealthy habits, and adopt a new, healthy, lifestyle, let's work together!  I work closely with clients through a variety of sessions, packages, and programs to help them identify and achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.  

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Location and Virtual Practice

I conduct in-person sessions around the Main Line, just outside of Philadelphia, as well as virtual sessions using the online platform Healthie.  All Plans and memberships offer free Healthie subscription so clients can track food, workouts, and progress with realtime feedback from me.  Use the app to message or video chat me directly.  It's like having a dietitian in your pocket!  

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will go over your current diet and exercise routine and work together to create a customized nutrition and fitness plan tailored to your individual lifestyle.  Together, we will set attainable goals and create a meal plan and workout routine tailored specifically to your goals.

Follow-Up Consultation

We will discuss your progress, answer any questions you have, monitor your adherence to the plan, make any necessary modifications, and continue to set new goals.  You will be provided with any further educational material that may be helpful to you.

Pantry Purge

Who better to inspect your kitchen than a nutrition expert?!  Together, we will go through your pantry and fridge, discuss the items you currently have, categorize them into “keep” and “purge”, and come up with some healthy alternatives based on your likes and dislikes.  You will come away with a grocery list tailored to your needs and a pantry that has been purged of all the junk. 

Grocery Store Tour & Meal Plan

Take a trip through the grocery store with a dietitian as your guide.  Go through the isles learning about what you should buy, what you should avoid, and why.  You’ll leave the store with a healthy shopping cart, a new sense of how to tackle the super market, and a meal plan for the week. 

21-Day Clean Start

This plan is perfect for someone who needs to hit the reset button on their diet and exercise routine.  For 21-days you will eat a wholesome diet, start an exercise routine tailored to you, and jumpstart your health and wellness journey.

  • 1 Initial consultation + 3 Follow-up sessions
  • Detailed nutrition and exercise plan
  • Weekly recipes and workouts
  • Food diary feedback and accountability
  • Free Healthie subscription with unlimited Healthie communication