Audie is the best of the best!! I am getting married in the fall and my fiancé and I started working out with Audie last November. We were both just looking to tone and feel better for the Big Day, but she has helped us to develop better habits that have turned into a healthy lifestyle.  There is NO WAY that we will be able to stop, even after the wedding!  She offers a great variety of workouts from intense circuit training, cardio blasts, to kick boxing and yoga. Whatever the work out of the day might be, you will be feeling it tomorrow! I think we have yet to do the same workout twice since we started and working out at home could not be any more convenient. I would recommend her to everybody!!

-Shannon M., 23

Before Audie became my personal trainer I felt lost with my weight loss goals.  All other diets and regimens I had been on before worked temporarily but didn’t provide lasting results.  I was scared to start with a trainer, but Audie was patient with me and helped me find ways to substitute unhealthy habits with healthy ones.  Audie takes into account physical limitations and restrictions and finds ways around them during your workout sessions. Within 5 months, I had lost 35 lbs and was able to run over a mile for the first time in my life.  Since then, I have maintained that weight loss and have participated in my first ever 5k.  I am physically in the best shape of my life and feel that I have the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle from now on.

-Jen G., 29

Audie’s workouts are knockouts!  She mixes it up, makes it fun, keeps you moving.  By the end of the session you’ve been pushed to your limit.  Several years into Audie’s workouts I’m happy to say that my limit keeps increasing.

-Don G., used to be 60, working my way back to 50.

Audie has trained us for a little over two years.  She was highly recommended by my former college roommate.  My husband and I had a personal trainer when we lived in Texas, but had not been diligent in working out on our own.  I am better toned, have more energy and stamina two years later.  Also, I received many compliments on my “guns” while wearing a sleeveless dress to our daughter’s wedding.  Audie keeps our workouts lively, varied, and highly customized.

-Client, aged 59

I’ve been working with Audie for a year and a half.  My main purpose in working with Audie was to learn more about my dietary habits, lose weight and build muscle. I have accomplished those things and more. My strength, balance, stamina and flexibility have definitely increased, along with reshaping my body.  As a woman in her 50’s, these things are important to me. As I age, I want to stay strong and active, and Audie is helping me to achieve my goals.

Vicki F.

I have been working out with Audie for the past three years. Each workout is fun, unique and challenging.  I love that each workout is designed to hit all my muscles, but without muscle memory.  Some weeks we box, some weeks we use the TRX, some weeks we use kettlebells;  I never know what to expect!  Besides Audie’s creativity in designing workouts, she is also patient and supportive.  I look forward to chatting with her about issues related to diet and exercise, hitting my trouble spots, or simply connecting about life.

-Client, 40