My name is Audrey McKenna Hasse, and I am a Registered Dietitian and Certified Personal Trainer with a master’s degree in Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science. I am passionate about nutrition, health and fitness, and love sharing what I know with those around me. I have owned my business, A.M.Fit, since 2008, and continually challenge myself to learn and grow so that I can provide the best possible support and services to all of my clients.

A.M.Fit is a personal training and healthy lifestyle consultation business in the Philadelphia area and all across the main line. I work closely with my clients to help educate them about nutrition and fitness, and provide them with the skills necessary to create a healthy, lasting lifestyle.

I live by the principle that there is no quick fix when it comes to health and fitness. Being fit and healthy requires an understanding of exercise and nutrition, dedication to the process, and a commitment to training hard and eating a balanced diet.

That’s where A.M.Fit comes in. I strive to lead by example through my own practices, and have a strong educational background to teach my clients how to change their lives for the better. I emphasize not only the “why” and “how” of exercise and nutrition to provide my clients with a strong foundation, but also equip them with the tools and experience to exceed their personal health and fitness goals.

I am passionate about what I do, and there is no greater reward than seeing one of my clients achieve what they initially thought impossible.



R.D. Registered DietitianAramark Healthcare Distance Dietetic Internship

M.S. Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science Marywood University

B.S. Exercise and Sport Science Ursinus College

Certified Personal Trainer Natonal Strength and Conditioning Association